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Healthcare Staffing Shortage Example

Medicinal services Staffing Shortage Example Medicinal services Staffing Shortage †Coursework Example Medicinal services Staffing Shortage al Affiliation Healthcare Staffing Shortage Manpower is the most significant asset in any human services settings. Human asset administrators ought to guarantee that they can draw in and furthermore hold the best workforce in the setting. This can be guaranteed through a far reaching structure for choosing, on-boarding and enlisting the best faculty in human services foundations. There are different ways that human asset administrators can manage the issue of staff deficiency in emergency clinics. This paper will investigate the choices that a director may consider.Public-private PartnershipThis choice includes having people in general and private wellbeing establishments cooperating to guarantee that medicinal services conveyance has the best work force. The organization likewise guarantees that all the terms and conditions in both are comparative along these lines lessening the pace of turnover in both (Isgur, 2008). Further, the organization go es to the degree of guaranteeing quality preparing of medicinal services experts. Workforce preparing and programs advancement is one of the products of such a partnership.Technology-driven TrainingTo lessen the quantity of staff required in an establishment, embracement of innovation is vital. At the point when innovation is all around applied in the medicinal services setting, there is time put something aside for patients care and execution of different exercises that can't be automated (Isgur, 2008). Choosing staff who have specialized aptitudes is along these lines important.Conducive Working SpaceThe best representatives are pulled in and held in workplace that are protected and helpful. Right now, adaptability of jobs guarantees that workers feel fulfilled and free instead of being tied up by jobs (Isgur, 2008). Supervisors ought to guarantee this adaptability is there and kept up. At the point when this is along these lines, serious staff are effectively pulled in and retain ed.Performance Review and FeedbackThrough audit of representatives execution, directors can recognize zones that workers feel need changes and correct (Isgur, 2008). Giving positive survey criticism assists with creating representatives and support them.References Isgur, B. (2008). Mending The Health Care Staffing Shortage. Trustee.

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Team performance management

For the duration of their lives, individuals aggregate experienceswhich shape them. These encounters lead numerous to hold differentiating perspectives and topractice dissimilar philosophies. Contrasts can be solid; individuals can learn fromeach other regardless of their disparities. A significant change in my life favored mewith the information and comprehension of two boundlessly divergent subcultures ofAmerica. It is important to recognize be-tween the two drasticallydifferent lives I have driven. During my first life my nation life - I experienced the most trusting, capable, persevering men I have ever known. I was brought up a ranch kid in Central Illinois in a ruralcommunity. My family and I lived on a huge family ranch of around 120 sections of land wherewe developed corn, beans, wheat and more corn. Our nearest neighbors and companions weremy cousins, auntie, uncle and grandparents. Since they lived just a mile away, wesaw them consistently. Everybody shared basic bonds in the nation; we as a whole dependedon the climate and on one another, and were God-dreading people. We will compose a custom article test on Nation Boy, City Boy or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Lifewas moderate and unsurprising. It was a curious way of life, since I think back on it.We lived directly off Rural Route One of every a house that had been passed down from onegeneration to the following, as most in that piece of Illinois. Our hundred-year-oldhome had been renovated commonly was still wrecked. After we moved, itwas torn down to account for more homestead land. There were peculiaritiesthat some may discover hard to comprehend. The ties that bound the nation folktogether were only one differentiation. In our town of 100 (on the off chance that you tallied all thecats and pooches), everybody knew everybody. In the event that Jim and Sue went out on the town, notonly did everybody think about it, they likewise knew how Jim treated Sue. There was aninherent obligation and trust in this rustic milieu, and therefore, one washeld responsible for each activity. There was a quiet trust betweenpeople. For instance, once in a while devices things critical to a rancher - would be absent. At the point when I would report their nonattendance to my granddad, he thoughtnothing of it since he had mentioned to a large number of our neighbors to just take what theyneeded. Sufficiently sure, the apparatuses would be back in their places in a couple of days. Alongside this trust was the confidence in and reliance on the extendedfamily. Hardly any individuals see how close and significant this can be. My cousins andsister were my closest companions. I experienced childhood in an environment where family and friendswere similar individuals. This foundation has affected the manner in which I trust and care formy companions as though they were family. This is the means by which it was done in the nation. My kindergarten class had six understudies, all young men. We confided in each otherand thought of one another as family, not only companions. This was just how wewere raised. This permanent perspective on connections has brought me delight, especiallyafter we left the ranch. At the point when my family moved to Houston, I started mysecond life my city life. As a result of my dads profession, wetraveled to this place that is known for fresh new chances. The progress was unquestionably a cultureshock. In the high rise where we lived until our home was assembled, we werethe just Caucasian family. That was new; in the nation, everybody was white. Igradually got familiar with the accents of my new companions and learned abouttheir religions and dialects. At the point when summer finished and school began, thenew world I lived in showed me more individuals. My educator was dark, and oneof the best instructors Ive ever had. She showed us how unique culturescelebrate occasions, including Kwanzaa, which I had never known about. I wasintrigued, and acknowledged how oblivious I was of different societies. In reality, my firstfew years in Houston were a social edification. Not all I learned wasgood, however. Brutality, reviling, taking, medicate misuse and different practices thatwere uncommon in the nation were noticeable. From the outset it stunned me, yet I soon grewaccustomed to it and inevitably figured out how to endure it. This acknowledgment ofdifferences was one of the numerous things city life bit by bit instructed me. Thetransition in my life constantly uncovers to me how credulous my old perspectives were.While once I had desires of turning into a rancher, the transition to the city convincedme that maybe I ought to take a stab at additional. My folks have gambled a lot and givenup more to permit their youngsters more noteworthy chances to succeed. Livingin such two particular societies has helped me find that change is fundamental andimportant in creating unprovincial sees on life. By fusing positiveattributes from each culture and gaining from them, I have built up a solidvalue framework that will assist me with enduring difficulties. My insight into theselife-styles furnishes me with a one of a kind view on life which will, I trust, empower meto further comprehend different societies.

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Legalizing Same Sex Marriages

Legalizing Same Sex Marriages Legalizing Same Sex Marriages Home›Controversial Posts›Legalizing Same Sex Marriages Controversial PostsMarriage is the oldest institution that was given to man was sanctified and awarded to man by his Creator. Its original purpose was for procreation and companionship. Through ages, this original divine ordination has faced many earthquakes that have caused fault lines in its foundations. The sanctity of marriage has been pit into test by a myriad of debates surrounding the gender of the partners in this holy coalition. Is man really in the dark on the constitution of a marriage to warrant such heated debates? This question draws its answer from the antique ordination of this divine union. The Creator made it clear that for purposes of procreation and companionship, a person of one sex will leave his or her family to join their partner of the opposite sex. This is the original plan, at least, if the Holy Scriptures is anything to go by. This reason seems to have lost its bindin g power leaving man to explore new ideas, experimenting them and if they work, going ahead to legally justify.This has been the case with same sex marriages. These institutions have been a major topic in pulpits, political arenas and in corridors of justice. Activism groups as well as support groups who are for and against these unions have sprouted up in the recent decades. Countries and states have found themselves in the verge of disintegration in the wake of disparities concerning the legal entitlement of same sex marriages. Whenever such heated exchanges on the legalization of gay marriages occur, they have always led to exploring the two sides of the coin by highlighting the pros and cons of them. Such is the aim of this paper.There are a number of pros linked to legalization of same sex marriages. Before embarking on highlighting a number of them, it is important to give the matter a global touch by looking at some of the countries that in one way or the other allow SSMs as t hey have come to be called. According to Lambda Legal, out of 194 countries, only ten of them have legalized SSMs. The phase setter was Netherlands in 2000 followed by Belgium three years later and then Canada and Spain in 2005. 2006 saw the entry of South Africa into this league as the only African country to champion for this union. In 2009, Norway and Sweden also joined in. The latest entry is that of Argentina, Iceland and Portugal in 2010 (p. 1). Other countries only allow it in some parts or outside the legal context. The United States of America has remained divided on this issue with some states allowing the marriages while others are completely against it. By April 2011, gay marriages were legal in six states. The first state to allow for such marriages was Massachusetts in April 24, 2009 followed by Vermont on 1 September the same year. Others include New Hampshire in January 2010 and District of Columbia in March of the same year (Christian Broadcasting Network). What mak es these countries and states to allow SSMs while others to outlaw them?Proponents of same sex marriages give several reasons to support their stand. According to Human Rights Campaign Foundation, it is nobody’s business if people of the same gender want to get married. They should be allowed to celebrate their commitment publicly and above all, be entitled to the same benefits like those in opposite sex marriages (p. 3-6). Those opposed to SSMs have maintained retention of the traditional set up of marriage life. However, proponents to these unions have held that if that is the case, then the society should not uphold new phenomena like heterosexual monogamy, communal childrearing and commonality of prostitution as they, too, are new set ups ( New York Times, Aug. 2010). Another reason why some people support gay marriages is that they provide a platform for adoption of children. According to Pediatrics the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in the US alone, 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted (2006 p.6-8). Apart from this adoption deficit, a survey published in the above journal indicates that children adopted by same sex couples were better socially and academically as compared to those from heterogonous family set ups (Pediatrics July 2010 Issue p. 2).Economically, proponents to legalization of SSMs argue that it will bring financial benefits to the state and local governments. This will be due to the revenue to be collected from marriage licenses, marriage penalty and a decrease in costs for the benefit programs (Thompson, p.2). Thompson, the New York City Comptroller holds that this marriage equality would earn New York City a whooping $142 million on net basis. In addition, legalizing SSMs will give the couples access to their basic rights such as inheritance, hospital visitation, family health coverage or protection in case of a termination of the marriage (Freedom to Marry.Org, 2010). Lieber and Bernard estimate close to an additional $500,000 in the expenses of same sex couples in their lifetime in comparison to a straight couple (New York Times, Oct. 2, 2009).Apart from the above speculative gains, another pro to legalization of SSMs is that failure to do so is tantamount to stigmatization of gay and lesbian families, subordinating them as well as implying that discrimination against them is acceptable (American Bar Association p.10). The Association adds that in other cases, such marriages are awarded a civil union status instead of a gay marriage. This, the proponents, hold that is equal to making them second class citizens a condition the constitution does not accept. Other pros to SSMs is that they do not harm heterosexual marriages as conceived by many neither will they interfere with family values (Langbein Yost pp. 292-296) and lastly a common belief is that marriage is meant for procreation yet the society accommodates infertile couples. SSMs should be no exception.The above arguments see m to give a green light to the legalization of SSMs. Therefore, what makes the opponents to these set ups stand their grounds. A number of arguments are responsible for this. One, they argue that the institution of marriage is traditionally meant to be for man and woman (Peterson p.1). Such proponents argue that marriage is for procreation and children rearing as contained in the ancient ordination of this institution. Those against same sex marriages further argue that the modern marriage scene is characterized by so many divorces and children born out of wedlock and therefore legalizing SSMs will not solve the matter as the proponents to it hold (Marquardt Wilcox p.3). Gay marriages will also lead to more children being brought up in same-sex families which may not be a conducive environment for their growth as a child needs both parents; father and mother to grow holistically (Stacey Biblarz p.4). In addition, SSMs is a practice not compatible with the beliefs of many tradition al societies and religions and thus their legalization may force such institutions to marry these couples or teach the acceptance of these relationships among the children.The debate on whether SSMs are legal revolves around fundamental constitutions of the society; the family, children as well as its beliefs and practices. Whether the society compromises to what it holds to be true and noble is a matter of time. However, one thing will remain sublime of all: that the truth does not vary. It stands for the test of time. That granted, the on going debate is a case of a society that is attempting to escape from the reality, to euphemize its explicit blunders and justify them by their indoctrination in to its systems (Sullivan p. 1).Apparently, each side in this never-ending debate is not ready to concede. Arguments will go on being advanced. The truth is that with time, more countries states will accept this legalization because of pressure from organizations and groups affiliated to such grievances. In deed, even alternative interpretations to the constitutions and the Holy Scriptures will be given. It is only those who champion for the unwavering truth that will stand to be counted among the misled numbers.

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Social Learning Theory On Behavior Essay - 918 Words

Social Learning Theory is a perspective from psychology that was developed to understand the importance of observations and direct instructions that influence gender identity. Professor Susan Golombok at the University of Cambridge and psychology professor Robyn Fivush at Emory College of Art and Science defined Social Learning Theory as a way to study behaviors through differential reinforcement and modeling (Golombok and Fivush, 76). For decades, children were taught to follow specific standards when it comes to gender identity. Girls were encouraged to play with dolls while boys were reinforced to play with cars. Also, children observe adults such as their parents to comprehend and imitate behaviors; consequently, this creates gender stereotypes through differential reinforcement and modeling. Throughout this paper, readers will understand the influence of Social Learning Theory on behaviors and how differential reinforcement and modeling induce gender stereotype. At a young age, I (Lois Kim) would not have noticed that I observed and imitated my mother’s feminine practices that she displayed. However, there was once a time when I secretly took my mother’s makeup and tried to put it on myself, and my younger brother imitated what I was doing. I tried to imitate my mother by putting on makeup to look â€Å"pretty, while my brother was imitating me out of curiosity as to what I was doing. According to Golombok and Fivush (1994), children do not characteristically select theShow MoreRelatedDeviant Behavior / The Social Learning Theory1751 Words   |  8 Pages 2014 Social Behavior Final Paper – SOC 3380 Sherri Nichols DEVIANT BEHAVIOR, THE SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY, AND SOCIAL REACTION â€Æ' A person would be considered to be acting in a deviant manner within a social setting if they are violating the established social â€Å"norm† within that particular culture. What causes a human being to act in certain ways is a disputed topic among researchers. There are three types of researchers that have tried to answer this question. ThereRead MoreThe Social Learning Theory Of Delinquent Behavior Essay1853 Words   |  8 Pagesmembership involved. The theory I have chosen to tie in with my review of the articles I found is the social learning theory of Edwin Sutherland known as differential association theory. According to Britannica online, Sutherland’s differential association theory of delinquent behavior is learned from other persons who are also engaged in delinquent behaviors. Sutherland believes that a person becomes delinquent because of an access amount of exposure to the definitions of criminal behavior and the violationRead MoreThe Social Learning Theor y ( Bobo Doll ) New Information And Behavior1786 Words   |  8 PagesTheories are set of rules set as a guideline for social workers, they attempt to explain why humans behave the way they do, how they relate to one another and social issues surrounding humans in their daily lives. They are based on facts, use of observation skills looking at signs of needs or danger and description of situations. It clearly explains the event and predicts the outcome of the situation and that helps in social work intervention to influence positive change. Bandura’s social learningRead MoreSocial Learning Theory839 Words   |  3 Pagesthis assignment, I will be studying social learning theory. Social learning theory was first proposed by Albert Bandura. It is a theory that emphasizes the importance of observing and modeling the behaviors, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others, (Social Learning Theory, n.d.). There are three main hypotheses of social learning theory. First, the theory assumes that people can learn by observing others (Cherry, n.d.). Second, social learning theory builds on behaviorism by suggesting thatRead MoreThe Social Control Theory And Social Learning Theory1713 Words   |  7 Pagesperception has come from, many have created theories about the topic while others have combined theories to get a better insight. The reason behind this is to create a better understanding as to why people commit crimes. With all the theories that seem to be possible, two of them seem to be the most popular: social cont rol theory and social learning theory. Although they have their similarities and differences, the social control theory and social learning theory bring a better understanding to the worldRead MoreWhy Do Some People Pay Attention?1346 Words   |  6 Pagessome people pay attention to certain models and not others? Why do people imitate the same behavior differently? These are the questions Bandura (1977) attempted to answer in identifying some of the variables that influence the modeling process. Characteristics of the model, for example, determine to some extent whether or not they will be imitated. Models who are more similar to the person observing the behavior are more likely to be imitated, thus girls tend to imitate others of their same gender,Read MoreExamining Theory Paper1219 Words   |  5 Pages Examining Theory Paper Criminology—CJA/314 December 20, 2012 Sandra Janics Introduction There are many theories in the field of criminology that seek to explain the reasons behind why people commit crimes. Social process theory is one such theory and asserts that criminal behavior is learned through interactions with others (Schmalleger, 2012). There are four types of social process theories including: social learning theory, social control theory, labeling theory, and dramaturgical perspectiveRead MoreThe Social Of Social Cognitive Theory1591 Words   |  7 PagesThe Social Cognitive Theory is perhaps the most comprehensive and complex learning theories in the field of psychology. The theory attempts to explain how our social environment has a great influence on our behaviors and actions. Albert Bandura is the most notable psychologist of the Social Cognitive Theory. He has conducted intense research and experiments for over 50 years and continually strives to improve the strengths and correct the limitations of the theory. The Social Cognitive Theory is appliedRea d MoreSocial Learning Theory And Social Theory1133 Words   |  5 Pagesare many theories in the field of criminology that seek to explain the reasons behind why people commit crimes. Social process theory is one such theory and asserts that criminal behavior is learned through interactions with others (Schmalleger, 2012). There are four types of social process theories including: social learning theory, social control theory, labeling theory, and dramaturgical perspective. This paper will explore two of the theories including social learning theory and social controlRead MoreThe Behavioral Theory Of Classical Conditioning And The Cognitive Theory1194 Words   |  5 Pagescontrast the behavioral theory of classical conditioning and the cognitive theory of cocial cognitive. Both are theories that have been well investigated to produce an outcome of effective learning. This study will examine the conditions of learning from both theories and ague their differences as well as their s imilarities. Evidence will be present on both sides to support this thesis claims on conditions, similarities and differences. This study will focus on the two theories assumptions, measurements

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The American Colonial Life During The Late 1700 S

Whether by land or by sea, eighteenth century colonial travel was arduous, expensive, and many times dangerous. Because of this, few people traveled very far from their homes. Transportation has changed dramatically since the late 1700’s. It was during this time that Colonial America was budding as a new country. This was before airplanes, which appeared in the very early stages of the 1900’s. Cars showed up about the same time, so rewind about 200 plus years and we’re back in colonial America. It wasn’t civilized like it is today. The dirt roads were bumpy, grimy, and when the rains came, they were mud baths. So how did people during this time get around? Often, they didn’t. Not many people could afford the cost of travel back then. Daily American Colonial Life was extremely harsh for the first settlers and colonists. They were faced with a new country, unknown territory and no friends, relatives or neighbors to help them â€Å"In those days, it w as fairly expensive to travel. Because of this, generally only government officials, merchants, and planters took the risk (Constitution Facts).† Women were supposed to stay home and look after the children while the husband went off to do business. America was still a budding country, so there were not as many cities as there are now and they were more spread out. If the man wanted to travel, it would require several hours, or even several days to ride on horseback. Often the husband wouldn’t return for a couple of days, and when heShow MoreRelatedThe Evolution Of The Education1566 Words   |  7 PagesEducation plays the most crucial role in the quality of life any person will ever live. Before a set structure, or a standard of education was made, education was not considered a necessity. Once the importance of education was established and more people began attending school, the race to a higher education became more intense than ever. People even began saving up to send their children away from home for their best chance at succeeding in life with a good education (Public Schools in the Great DepressionRead MoreThe American Revolution Revolutionary Revolution1329 Words   |  6 Pagesthe American Revolution was fought over liberty and freedom. It was a movement marked by action which upset the political order of the eighteenth century. However, if all the American Revolution achieved was breaking the yoke of empirical control its lasting importance would have been lost amongst the scores of colonial revolutions that came before it, such as the Dutch’s break from the Spanish or the Corsicans overthrow of the Genoese. Influenced by the period of enlightenment, the American RevolutionRead MoreThe Slavery Of The Colonial North Americas1195 Words   |  5 Pagespeople in the colonial North Americas. This chapter was very interesting but there were three main parts in the chapter that really caught my attention and that was the slave life in early America, the Origins of African American culture, and black women in colonial America. Each part that I’m about to break down sheds light on what happened during that time. During the slave life in early American there were little to show, evidence wise because the African Americans, American Indian and someRead MoreThe Age of Reason and Revolution Essay810 Words   |  4 PagesReason and Revolution Many individuals that lived in the period of time known as the Age of Reason, discovered many new inventions and advancements to improve the quality of life. Some of these advantages brought fourth new ideas to extraordinary people who forever changed the way we look at life. Although many people found these discoveries to bring great revival to mankind, others rejected these new improvements and felt as if they were defying god. These years wereRead More Puerto Rican Identity and Spanish Colonial Rule Essay1413 Words   |  6 PagesPuerto Rican Identity and Spanish Colonial Rule The debate on Puerto Rican Identity is a hot bed of controversy, especially in today’s society where American colonialism dominates most of the island’s governmental and economic policies. The country wrestles with the strong influence of its present day colonizers, while it adamantly tries to retain aspects of the legacy of Spanish colonialism. Despite America’s presence, Puerto Ricans maintain what is arguably their own cultural identity whichRead Moreâ€Å"When People In The United States Think Of ChildrenS Rights1722 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"When people in the United States think of children s rights they usually think of children in third world countries who are victims of abusive child labor practices or insurmountable poverty† (Wilson 1). However, in reality it is not just in third world countries, it is also in the United States. From the American colonial period till the mid nineteenth century, child labor has been an important issue. It has t aken many years to come to an agreement of the definition of child labor. One way toRead MoreThe Journal Of Negro History Essay1680 Words   |  7 Pages What I am analyzing about this research paper, I am going to talk about the African American Culture and the story am going to bring up is called Everyday use and an Literary Criticism called â€Å"The Journal Of Negro History†. First am going to talk about â€Å"Everyday Use† which it talks about a character girl name Dee saying she is reclaiming her heritage but she really actually rejecting it more violently than ever and by doing that she doesn t see how important her family culture is. On theRead MoreNative Americans During European Settlements With Massive Immigration1493 Words   |  6 Pagessuch as tobacco produced in the southern colonies, specifically Maryland and Virginia, contributed to the development of commerce between the worlds connected by the Atlantic. This led to the increase in demand for la bor in the Americas. The Native Americans initially provided the labor for the production of goods in the southern colonies. But, with constant evolving trade and the introduction of new products, the labor demand remained unmet. In order to fulfill the labor requirement, the migrants fromRead More Through the careful reading of American Colonies Essay1447 Words   |  6 PagesThrough the careful reading of American Colonies, written by Alan Taylor, it is clear that there are vast differences as well as a number of similarities between the European competitors as they began to colonize the Americas but diversity can also be found within the colonies they would create. American Colonies shows a close relationship between climate, the state of the economy, and the development of slavery. The varying climate within the Americas proved to have an enormous impact on the sourceRead MoreNative American And The Revolutionary War Essay1704 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion Native Americans in N orth America in the year 1492 (Hoxie and Iverson, 1997). As early as the Revolutionary War in 1775, European settlers started taking note of the Native Americans. Unfortunately, the Native American population plunged significantly in the first decades after their first contact with Europeans. Native Americans were now unprotected and exposed to deadly diseases like smallpox, influenza, and measles which did not previously exist in their society (North American Natives, 2016)

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Tracy Foote Week Three Discussion Questions Free Essays

David Rivers MKT/421 Tracy Foote Week Three Discussion Questions †¢Select a product with which you are familiar. What stage is this product at in the product life cycle? Provide rationale for your answer. The chose Apples IPhone and currently it is the Maturity phase of the product life cycle. We will write a custom essay sample on Tracy Foote Week Three Discussion Questions or any similar topic only for you Order Now The IPhone is very popular and is often copied or remanufactured to look like and perform the same as the original. Apple is creating new features, products, and apps to allow users to do a lot more than ever before. Based on your knowledge of the product life cycle, what types of changes will occur to this product as it continues through the product life cycle? Apple is going to face tough competition as it tries to hold on to market share and maintain revenue. How will this affect marketing of the product? Once the IPhone it the market it took off like a rocket. The market wanted to get it in the action and flooded the market with so-called smartphones. It is my opinion that Apple will have to reduce the price of the phone and better serve the its customers with continued upgrades and apps. †¢Select a product or service. Then, select three different organizations that provide your selected product or service and compare the prices associated with it. What is the difference between the prices among the different organizations? What is the rationale for this difference? The IPhone, the Verizon HTC phone, and the Windows phone are in the ballpark as far as price goes, the difference will be in the plans selected to run each phone. Each of the competitors is trying to build a better mousetrap and price out the competition. However, technology is not cheap and the cost reduction will have to occur somewhere in the manufacturing process for one company to surpass the rest. How to cite Tracy Foote Week Three Discussion Questions, Essay examples

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Bike Service at Door Project System

Question: Discuss about the Bike Service at Door Project System. Answer: The project would be one a kind of services in Australia. With this service, people can get their bike servicing at their doorstep. This project or service would be known as Bike Service at Door. There would be a mobile application for this project and people can book the appointment with a click. The executive of Bike Service at Door would come and pick the bike at the appointed time (Krishan, 2012). The executive would get the bike services from the required service center. Once the servicing is done, the executive would bring the bike back to the owner. Initially, this project or this service would be launched in Sydney. The vision of the project is to make life easy and convenient for bike owners who are busy in their life and who does not have time to give bike for servicing. With this project, the bike owners can get the bike serviced at their doorsteps. The outcome is that the bike owners would not need to go to the service center to get their bike serviced (Suarez, 2014). To develop a mobile application and web portal for people to book the appointment with a click. The executive of Bike Service at Door would come and pick the bike at the appointed time. The executive would get the bike services from the required service center. Once the servicing is done, the executive would bring the bike back to the owner Objectives, Outputs and Targets The objective is to mobile application and web portal people to book the appointment with a single click. The output or the target state would be a website and a mobile application that the bike owners can use to book the service appointment for their bikes (Turner, 2014). It is targeted, the bike owners in Sydney would use this service as it would be ease and convenient for them to get the bike services without them going to the service station. The two key success criteria for this project can be discussed as: The mobile application and website would be developed that would be used by the bike owners to book the appointment (Kumar, 2012) There are enough executives that would go to the doorstep of people to collect the bike, deliver to respective service stations, and return the bike back to bike owners The people are ready to use this service and people would trust the executives to give the bike for servicing. There would not be any technological challenges to develop the website and mobile applications The service centers would accept the bike from the service executives who are not the owners of the bike. References Corona-Suarez, G. A., AbouRizk, S. M., Karapetrovic, S. (2014). Simulation-Based Fuzzy Logic Approach to Assessing the Effect of Project Quality Management on Construction Performance.Journal of Quality and Reliability Engineering,2014. Kim, D. Y., Kumar, V., Kumar, U. (2012). Relationship between quality management practices and innovation.Journal of Operations Management,30(4), 295-315. Turner, J. R. (2014). The handbook of project-based management (Vol. 92). McGraw-hill. Antony, J., Krishan, N., Cullen, D., Kumar, M. (2012). Lean Six Sigma for higher education institutions (HEIs) Challenges, barriers, success factors, tools/techniques. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 61(8), 940-948.